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bipolar disorder
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* October 15, 2001, 05:58:19 PM
­I have been involved with a man for two years. We live together in a relationship that is friends but he has recently said he loves me and wants to get married. He has been hospitalized since then for his bipolar disorder. He became psychotic. I helped his family in having him court ordered into treatment. He is now going to live with his mother instead of me. He says he still loves me and wants to get married but I am afraid and do not know what to expect or how to cope with this. Any advice.



October 16, 2001, 12:18:47 AM
­ Ginger:

This is MaryAnne I thought I would start the opinions if that is ok?
First I would ask you do you love him and want to marry him?
IF so then I would advise you to go to a Manic/Depressive support group with him and learn what it would be like to be married to a M/D so that there would be no surprises. Then you could both talk about it and work through your issues if you still wanted to marry. This is something you do have to face and work through together throughout your marriage because it never goes away and can get worse over time. But the Manic Depressive support groups are great and they would let you see into the world of living and married to a M/D having children and then you would be able to answer all of your own questions for yourself which is what you need to do because only you are going to have to take the consequences for your decisions and I would love to see them as only positive and loving consequences.
I hope this helps and that others add to this,
God Bless,

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