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Title: family problems
Post by: amandabananna on January 11, 2006, 12:20:37 AM
­hey im 14 and having alot of family problems i feel horrible.my dad is always fighting with my mom and has an addiction to poker and my mom has an addiction to pills and has a drinking problem too my dad went with another girl and left usand cheated on my mom and now he is with my mom but that happened along time ago bu**** hurting me and my mom.now my mom wants to get back at my dad by going with another guy and has seen him once now all it is yelling.all these problems caused me to cutt but i stopped.cause i knew it was wrong i dont know how to deal with my feelings and when i try to tell him how i feel they just get on my case .im not sure how to tell him how i feel .

amanda B
Title: amanda B
Post by: katteelyyn_123 on April 02, 2008, 08:52:08 PM
  i am new to this site and have read ur little artile thing my family is the same exept my dad was on the crack but he stopped and now he is doing weed and it makes me mad because i have no idea what to do either anywayys i tell my parents how i feel and get yelled at too. They will always get on my case and freak. So  i have no one to talk to. I have bottled up everything that has happened in my life and it is making me go insane i feel like i shoud just give u on my life. I have a 17 year old sister who tells me i belong in the hospital because she knows what i am going through and she says if i do not do something soon it is going to cause me to loose my mind and make me think of commiting suicide but i do not think it will happen! but i never know and i used to cut too but i stopped!!