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what should i do?
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* October 01, 2002, 04:40:30 AM
­ About a month ago I met this wonderful guy. He is good looking, fun to be with and he's just the sweetest thing ever.
We were both very attracted to each other from when we first met. Then we started getting together frequently.I'd go over to his place and we'd sit around and chat for hours. Then we kissed.
After we had kissed on two occassions we started talking about whether we were involved with anyone.I wasn't involved with anyone but he told me that he had a girlfriend and he was unsure if she was what he wanted. By that time I had developed feelings for him and I just couldnt get out. He told me that he liked me and I should be patient.
What bothers me is that whenever his girlfriend is around she's always hanging around him(I dont blame her though)and he treats me as if I'm just a close friend of his,so the girlfriend doesn't suspect anything.
I'm scared that I'm falling for this guy and he's not gonna do anything about his girlfriend.Is it right to let him have his cake and eat it?


October 01, 2002, 10:31:27 AM
­ Hi qbee:

This is MaryAnne. I just got the notice that you wrote. I am sorry that this is happening to you. To start with your male friend was wrong to even start anything with you when he knew he was in a relationship already. You knew you were not so you could. That is your first sign that he is just "jacking" with you. He is being deceptive to you and to his girl friend. I don't think there is any question to be anwered here. He is definitely getting his cake and eating it too. And if you continue with him it is your fault not his. You know what he is and what he is doing and you are choosing to accept it. The longer you continue to the more you are going to like him and the more cloudy your thinking is going to become. This guy has it made. I think you know the answer that is why you are not confronting him. Because the right thing to do is go and give it to him straight decide is it her or me. That unfortunately will probably be the last time you see him. But what good is it to be seeing a guy who is just using you? It is really hard on your heart I know. But the truth is the truth no matter how much we want it to be different. So you can go on and be used until he is done with you and then you are still going to get hurt. Or you can cut it off here and now making the pain quick and you will get over it faster. I can say one thing he sure isn't worth the pain. He is a pretty crummy guy to do this to either one of you girls. I wouldn't give him the satisfaction myself. I just know he is telling his friends how he has this going and they are thinking how cool he is. That in itself would tic me off. Sorry I just don't like to be used or made a fool of by some jerk. I would rather drop him than give him the satisfaction of using me until he has had his fill and then walk away. NOPE not me. What about you???
I am here if you need some support or help through this.

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