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Title: i need help...so confused
Post by: foo_foo973 on February 19, 2007, 03:04:51 PM
­Alright here's the story. I have this ex-boyfriend and he had to move away but hes comein back in the summer, for good. Me and him made promises to each other that when he gets back we'd start datein again, so I thought ok, 8 mouths away, I can do that. We talked almost everyday but as time passed we stopped. Now we barely talk and when we do, I have nothing to say. I love and miss him soo much!! When we talked last he called me and asked for a number for one of my best friends . He didnt wanna talk to me, he just asked if i had anything to talk about this time, and of course i didnt. So he wanted to go and I waz kinda hurt, we both hung up but no goodbye, nothin. I'm worried I'll never be close to him again. I want him to know how I feel and I want to talk about something interesting so we can talk longer than like 5 min. HEEELP!!

Title: ­sometimes relationships
Post by: hkevill on February 26, 2007, 01:50:30 PM
­sometimes relationships shrival up, people don't feel the same any more. Distance can make the heart sad and people cope with it in all different ways. His way seems to suggest that he misses you. Because of the time apart from each other, everytime he hears from you by phone, he needs to have a big converstaion, he needs to hear laughter and compliments and big love. It needs to be addressed to him deeper than if you were face to face to show your love. You can't be with him to cuddle him physically so he needs a phone cuddle, he needs a good talk. Take a deep breath when you next speak to him, say what is on your mind, tell him about how you feel, that you feel un-able to speak to him about stuff because you don't know what to say, because it's been a long while since last speaking to you/seeing you,and that's why you find it hard to find the right words, or that you like him so much, it makes you tounge tied. Tell him that you don't wish to give up on him. He will want to hear it. Because a) you will be talking and having something to say, and b) he will see that you are opening up to him and he will appreciate that, it may even get you closer again.
On the other hand, if he doesn't feel the same way anymore, then you will have to accept that it's time to move on with 'your' life.
You can't live a life on egg shells not knowing what to do, or live your life in a dream of you both being how you used to be. Because people change and you may need to face this challenge.
There's two ways in life. Living with it or dealing with it.
And there's only one way to find out.
The best of luck to you anyway, give it ya best shot!

xxx H:Kevill xxx
Title: ­thank u soo much, itz been
Post by: foo_foo973 on March 03, 2007, 06:21:59 PM
­thank u soo much, itz been a while since i accually wrote that and since then ive been thinkin... i dont accually like him as much as i used to. if i did that i might fall back in luv with him but i wanna be friends. i accually met another guy im datein now and i luv him soo much. im accually gonna be his sons mom and i luv his son. so im happier than i ever thought i could be. but thnx for the advice, maybe ill do that the next time i talk to him.