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So lost...so confused
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* October 04, 2005, 07:23:37 PM
­I have been dating this guy for about a week now and we like each other alot...or so i think. Before we started dating, he would sit with me at lunch everyday and we would pass notes to each other and talk about fun stuff. we would also flirt outrageously and he would get along with my friends great. he would also compliment on how "sexy" i was and all that. But since we have been dating he has seemingly been avaoiding me. He has not once called me and he skips lunch every now and then. We have only been dating for a week now and I know he is busy with all of his football and mexican dance practices and all, but if he truly liked me wouldn't he at least call for a few minutes to say hi? im trying really hard to be patient and not to nag him and all, but i think im allowed to have at least a little bit more than a few minutes a day. i dont even see him on the weekends! the only time we spend together is only during our half hour lunch and about two minutes after our last class to say hi and thats it! that in itself makes me question if he really likes me. I mean, when we do get a chance to talk on the phone and its just me and him, he seems extremely pleased to be talking to me and likes the fact that im his gf, but today we finally got a moment alone to to talk face to face and not worry about other friends hearing us, but he didnt say anything! he was very quiet and didnt make any eyecontact with me at all. he did joke around and all, but nothin other than that. im so confused. im thinking maybe he is shy, but the longer this goes on the more i question whether we should continue this "relationship". All of this makes me want to break up with him, i mean i like him very much and he is very kind and fun to be around but i want to be positive that he is going to meet me half way. if i do decide to dump him, i want to be dumping him for the right reasons and not because he was just shy or worried about football or for the fact that i cant read boy language that well. I would like to know what could be causing him to act this way and if i should dump him before i get too involved in trying to make him open up to me. please help! i would greatly appreaciate it.


October 06, 2005, 12:49:30 AM
­ kupucian

Did you sleep with him? Most guys act like that if they get it too soon. They don’t want to hurt you but have no respect for you anymore. Theory, “if she slept with me that easy and quick she would do it with anyone.” So I need to know that. If you want to write private just go to my web site to the Dear Maryanne page it is secure as can be and write me. Because if a guy likes you and was acting that hot and flirty and forward with you and then just turns off all the way I can’t think of any other reason except sex and he is done with you. He seems to be making that quite clear. I don’t think there is a relationship here to break up you don’t have him. Write me this one is too familiar. He is making it clear and something happened.
I need to know the truth so I can help you.
I will look for your email,

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