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Where I am growing LFA into for all youths world wide.
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April 03, 2010, 10:22:11 PM
Hi All:

We have transferred all of the users a­nd content from our old forum over to this new one.
View this topic if you were a user of the old forum. If you weren't, feel free to sign up and join this forum immediately!
As I build up and hopefully start making enough income from donations and advertisers now that I am a non-profit corporation I will be able to spend more time on building up LFA and answering more letters a day. So join in, support each other with feedback on the forum, get help on the forum, and privately through email from LFA's website. I want to make it so I can help as many kids as possible through as many channels as possible. Your support, feedback and using all the help that will be available to you is all for you and will stay free. That is my goal to keep LFA free and use other means to support my work and me. This is my commitment to you no one will be left behind. Of course donations help especially in the beginning but never will anyone be turned away from my sites for help. You have a safe place to come that is secure for you to get any kind of help you need.
I have kept my word for 7 years so you can count on it. LFA will stay up as long as I am capable.  I hope that will be for many years to come. Join to learn, join to find support or join for help. This is your site to help you in any way to get through your teen years and your young adult years no matter what comes at you. You are not alone.

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Where you know you can come for Professional, personal, right on target advice, life skills, crisis intervention,ask questions, confide in guaranteed help. With all the traps, scams, perverts and sites out there that are very unsafe, this site is your safe place. I have been doing this for 10 years.